Hi from Brenna

Some (mostly) relevant things about me:

While my formal education has been pretty literary, I love speculative fiction and writing dark, angsty stories that verge on melodrama. I have a completely unfounded obsession with religions of all varieties and an affection for mythology and horror movies. Also, food, which I’m sure will become apparent at some point.

I aspire to write novels that can best be described as contemporary YA fantasy with a small-scale focus and a literary bent, but the fiction I post here will likely run the gamut from the thinly-disguised prose poem to paranormal romance to SF.

Although I blog over at , I don’t keep up with it as well as I should. I am, however, excellent at following a schedule, and thanks in no small part to Maggie’s unparalleled motivation and Tessa’s superb organizational skills, the extended Merry Fates schedule is to be found on the userinfo page. Not only do we have similar sensibilities and common interests, we have a plan (!). And things are always better with a plan. And Pop Rocks.