Intro turned warning…

BEWARE: Tessa is obsessed with writing about blood and talks to an ancient Norse god.

I have an unhealthy interest in coming up with new and exciting ways to describe blood and violence. I tend to rely on metaphor quite heavily in my writing, and adore the quick, beautiful turns of phrase that transform a plain paragraph into something that resonates.

Like Maggie, I am a novelist at heart. I invent ideas for short stories, and they mutate into novels by the time I’ve got 500 words down. I love the idea of working on my short game here, but I suspect I’ll be offering a lot of serial-type fiction. Expect influence from fairy tales, mythology, classic cars, coffee, and a sense of humor retarded at the 5th grade level.

…regarding the ancient Norse god thing: to describe my relationship with my writing, I talk in terms of having dedicated myself to Odin, a god of inspiration, intoxication, poetry, trickery, conflict, and death. It works remarkably well, as the creative process tends to involve all those things in abundance.

Looking forward to sharing, conversing, and creating.