Craft: Why I Write

When I realized that this was our topic for today, my eyes glazed over. Not because it’s boring, but because it’s one of those things that I never really analyzed. Probably because I’ve been writing compulsively since I was knee-high to a maggot and if I bothered to analyze why I did it, it would probably end up with men in white coats and prescription drugs of the sort they don’t advertise on TV.

But I think that it started because writing is how I make sense of things. An e-mail, to me, is always easier for my brain than a phone call. I can’t figure out problems until I write down the elements involved.

But that’s not why I kept writing. I know now that the reason why I write is the reason why I paint and play music. Because I like to play with people’s brains and toy with their emotions like a snowglobe. When I watch a really good movie where the plot or the soundtrack makes me sigh or laugh maniacally or some emotion completely different from what I brought into the theater — I think, “I want to do that.” I want to wield that sort of power, to transport people from the ordinary to the extraordinary in just one short book.

Wow. When I put it that way, I sound like I want to rule the world. And I didn’t want to let that slip out until I was older.

So how about you watchers? Why do you write?

8 thoughts on “Craft: Why I Write

  1. Wow. So far we have a compulsive liar and an egomaniacal manipulator! Can’t *wait* to see what Brenna comes up with. L.O.L.

  2. I started to write because I was very unhappy with my cartoons.
    And then it was just a “small” jump from Fanfics to my own plotlines and characters. Though I still write fanficiton XD.

  3. Ruling the world wouldn’t be so bad, if it meant everyone else did all the life sustaining work while I wrote day and night.

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