Research: Being Bad

It seems to be bad form to break the rules for what we’re posting about in only the second week of the community, but I can’t resist, because the timing is perfect.

Our Tuesday topic is supposed to be Research: Our First Time, and it just happens to coincide with the anniversary of the day Miss Snark stopped blogging. Today, writers all over the blogosphere are posting tributes to what her blog meant to them, including Patricia Wood, the author of LOTTERY. 

And the two are actually sort of related. I mean, it’s not research like story research, but Miss Snark did count as the best of online writing business research. I cut my teeth there, learning about queries, protocol, and nitwittery in general. All served up with snark, my favorite side dish. Even after she called it quits after an insanely productive few years, I still can go back and read great posts that I somehow missed the first time around.

So hopefully Tessa and Brenna won’t strangle me for taking a slight detour . . . but I can’t resist. I had to say thanks to Miss Snark, because she kept me on the straight and narrow.

3 thoughts on “Research: Being Bad

  1. Ah, well, I suppose in addition to lying, we writerly types are good at twisting the rules into what we want them to be.


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