Thursday Fun: Three Fates

I thought the Merry Sisters of Fate would be a good name for a blog written by three authors of mythic fiction, because we really are the three Fates.

I mean, seriously, here’s the legend. The three Fates (called by numerous different names) were usually called Clotho, Lathesis, & Atropos. Yes, they are indeed unsexy names. Their story is cool though: they were three goddess in one that decided men’s fates. Clotho spun the Thread of Life, Lathesis decided how long the lucky dude’s thread would be, and Atropos was the one to snip it off.

Clearly, it was not good to bother Lathesis or Atropos while they were PMSing.

Anyway, that’s what we do, right? As writers, we control the fate of our characters. We spin their threads, decide how long they will play their roles in the story, and then snip finish them off. (I think Tessa is Atropos between you and me).

We are scary people, if you’re one of our characters.

13 thoughts on “Thursday Fun: Three Fates

  1. I’m quite familiar with the myth. Reminds me of role-playing games. Someone once told me at a game:

    “The GM isn’t God. The GM employs God.”

    Writers are much the same, and play the same role.

  2. I love the Fates. I even get to abuse the myth a little in some of my books, haha. I wish I could be all cool and Fate-like with my characters, but nope; they’re control freaks. πŸ˜‰

  3. Hey now! I’m 30,000 words into my WIP and only have 6 dead bodies! (If you don’t count the horses. And dogs. And cats, ravens, eagles…. shoot. Yeah. I lose.)

  4. Don’t worry, the ability to abuse your characters with impunity comes with old age.

  5. I shudder to imagine the ratio once Grendel shows up.

    Shudder with bliss and anticipation, that is…

  6. *laughs*

    Tessa is SO Atropos…that was exactly what I thought.

    Peanut gallery concurs.

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