Thursday Fun: Three Fates

To go along with–as Maggie mentions in her post–the relatively unsexy names of the Fates, here is a relatively unsexy depiction, taken from the painting A Golden Thread, by John Melhuish Strudwick.

Since Strudwick is considered one of the British Pre-Raphaelites, I actually find the level of unsexy-ness in this painting kind of surprising when I take into account that the Pre-Raphelites generally found wistful glances and luscious red mouths to be in order.

three fates

However, it’s clear from the dynamic angles and the moody lighting that the Fates mean business, which is ultimately suitable to a trio famous for giving Macbeth (and everyone else) the metaphoric beatdown.

9 thoughts on “Thursday Fun: Three Fates

  1. Judging by the glimpse outside the cave door, I expect that once they finish up with business they run out for a dip in the tropical ocean. With pina coladas.

  2. Well, the two on the left look pretty wistful. I mean, look at that one in the middle. She’s like: “good GODS when will this be over? So You Think You Can Dance comes on in, like, fifteen minutes.”

  3. You know, I thought about the bright, sunny door. To me, it looks very inviting, so I eventually concluded that they’re those kind of people who would rather go spelunking than sunbathe.

  4. 😀 So, it’s totally arbitrary when she cuts the thread–she just breaks out the scissors whenever something comes on TV

  5. The one on the right hates men–you can tell by the intense focussed look on her face. She’s weaving “some pain baby.” The one on the left just wishes she’d get over it because she has no one to go clubbing with. She’s too scared to tell grumpy face she is actually seeing someone. The one in the middle is bored and sick of the constant bickering, and her bum is sore from “these bloody rocks.” She hasn’t seen anyone for some time, but can’t remember why.

    Whispering, “I’m scared of ***** (I can’t say her name) too.”

    I think there is a girl in a bikini holding hands with the one on the rights ex amongst the palm trees. The one on the left has seen him and doesn’t know what to say. The one in the middle is seeing someone and hopes he has dinner ready when she gets home. She is going to stop at IKEA on the way and buy a comfortable recliner.

  6. Anybody notice the giant phalluses in the rocks of the vaginal caves? Might just be me…

  7. This all sounds so oddly, intuitively accurate. Forget the togas and the bare feet and the timeless caverns–they’re not nearly as dispassionate as they look.

    Thanks. I really liked this.

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