Thursday Fun: Big Fish

This post is bound to be Very Short as I’m at the very end of my novel and I am pulling myself away from it!

I love the movie BIG FISH for one major reason: the movie perfectly puts us in the shoes of the son. The son wants to believe that his father’s stories are true, even though they’re impossible. We know they can’t be, because they’re just that little bit beyond credible, but we want them so desperately to be true.

So we slowly grow up with the son through the movie, impossible story upon impossible story, and increasingly we see that they just can’t be true. It’s crushing to think that his father’s life was made up . . . and then, in the end — well, I won’t spoil it. But at the end, we get a conclusion that satisfies both the viewer’s need for magic and the viewer’s need for truth.

It makes me want to write a novel that pushes the reader so firmly into the shoes of the narrator.

(rushes back to finish novel)

2 thoughts on “Thursday Fun: Big Fish

  1. You know what makes this even better? I don’t like Will because I have no patience for people like him (maybe both because I’m a liar AND because I have a good relationship with my folks), and YET I still identified with him. It’s just that well done.

  2. Oh, I hated Will. But I was still like him. I knew it wasn’t true — but I still wanted it. I hated him because he wanted his father to admit to it. And I wanted to keep believing.

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