SUNDAY Surprise/ ARCs!

Okay, folks. I have ARCs of LAMENT to give away. Well, almost. They’re winging their way through the postal system to me and will be here within days (I had to give away my last one to high schoolers — you can see in the photo that the loss was painful to me). Two of these beauties are going to blog readers and I have used my animal cunning to devise a way to distribute them.

If you’d like to be in the running for an ARC of LAMENT, here’s the deal. You have to read all of June’s fiction up at Merry Sisters of Fate (stop whining, it’s only nine stories under 1200 words each) and then leave a comment here, at my personal blog (

 ), or at

 , or at my art blog. Tell me which story you like the best and why so I know that you read it (and if you just pick one randomly and comment, I will so hex you). And then I will use a random number generator to pick two of the commentors to have brand new baby read-it-before-you-can-buy-it-Laments.

And in case you’re wondering what this LAMENT thing is about, here’s a blurb: Dee Monaghan is a painfully shy but gifted musician. She’s about to find out she’s a Cloverhand — someone who can see faeries. When a mysterious boy enters her ordinary suburban life, seemingly out of nowhere, Dee finds herself infatuated. Sucks that he’s a faerie assassin, and she’s his next mark.

Basically, Dee’s life is a lot like a lot of real-life teens’ experiences — except hers has homicidal faeries, make-out sessions with a hot soulless guy, and more four-leaf clovers than a box of Lucky Charms. It’s good times. You know you want it.

ETA: I’m doing the drawing on Friday, June 27th!

21 thoughts on “SUNDAY Surprise/ ARCs!

  1. I think my favorite was probably Council of Youth, just because it hints at so many possibilities, and makes me want to know what happened(!!). (It’d be a tie with The Smiling Dead, except that one wasn’t quite in June.)

  2. Death’s Diner, all the way!

    Because it made me laugh out loud and painted vivid pictures in my mind. Of course, you probably already knew I’d pick that one, since I commented on it just a few days ago.

    Untitled XI would be a close second, though. The phrase “weenie-shrinker” will, I’m sure, sneak into my vocabulary this winter.

  3. My favourite is “Dreams” by Brenna. I wanted more. The characters intrigued me. I’m attracted to pain. I wanted to be stalked by the girl and seduce the boy. The sentence structure and style reminded me of my favourite author Dean Koontz. My reading mind glided across the words. I read it once and got it, and then created multiple endings wondering what ‘it’ was. Read it again and again because I loved it. I admire Brenna: there’s an oracle feel about her, there’s something to learn in everything she does. There’s a line from the movie “The last Samurai”–Katsumoto is dying and looking at falling blossoms–“Perfect, they are all perfect.” Perfect, with feeling.

  4. I’ll admit it . . . I first heard weenie-shrinker from Steve Martin and coopted it!

    And thanks — I’ve entered your name in my list thingy.

  5. LOVE Dean Koontz! And what an amazing comment. I’ve entered your name in the drawing, Simon!

  6. Oh, dammit! ‘The Smiling Dead’ is MAY. Ok, my second favorite is Luster. It feels like freedom – it speaks to me of becoming something new, or something for the first time. Of something that was there all along, that just hadn’t had a chance to break free yet.

  7. Oooh, I love that one too. I think that’s my favorite of Tessa’s so far. I’ve entered your name!

  8. I liked the way in which the story caused me to create and project what was happening as the author chiseled away my perceptions and formed them into her own. At first I asked myself, Was the narrator of the story in a coffin, in a tomb? What was this force awakening her and bringing her to life? Was the dust on her an accumulation due simply to the passage time? Or was it dust in the sense from whence we came and shall return?

    It was a story of the prince finding the hidden beauty, revealing what was already there. I loved the sculptor’s love for his creation and its reality for him. It was like the love we feel for objects of our affection and even our obsession — objects whose reality and perfection often exist mostly in our minds, almost always more beautiful and perfect than reality. The love could not have been consummated, as much as one might have wanted that, because then the bubble of perfection would have been pierced and a story about artistic obsession would have become comedy — “Not tonight dear, I have a headache”.

    But what would have happened if obsession had become perfection and in the act of love the sculptor had melded with his creation? Had become a stony part of it? Love is that way! Was that Rodin himself in “The Kiss”? But the Lothario wasn’t true in the end. He left a cold impostor of himself and loved yet others.


  9. House of Bones all the way! I have a soft spot for Baba Yaga. But I’ve enjoyed all the fiction posted–it pushes at the boundaries of conventionalism.

  10. Thanks!! I love that House of Bones on too . . . creepy but not scary. I’ve added your name to the list!

  11. I’ve been lurking around Merry Fates for a while, and I think I’m hooked.

    My favorite June story was Brenna’s “House of Bones,” for the seamless mix of forensics and folklore, and its ideas about the loss of innocence. I loved “Death’s Diner,” too, for sheer quirkiness of voice, and Death’s endearing whininess.

  12. Awww . . . thanks. Endearing whininess is my specialty.

    And that’s my favorite of Brenna’s too.

    I’ve added you to the list!

  13. Sorry if I am too late to the party; I kept rereading and I’m having a hard time picking. I like “House of Bones” because it fed my mystic geekery, and “Untitled XI” for the way we get the narrator’s feeling of “OK, this is crazy and I know it sounds crazy but it’s all the story I’ve got to explain what happened here…” But ultimately the one that really sticks with me is “One Glass.” I have a weakness for urban faerie stories, and also for wine, and I’m just going to have to admit to that.

  14. And now we know . . . šŸ™‚

    You’re not too late to the party! Anybody until 9 p.m. is good to go! I’ve entered you in.

  15. Honestly, I’ve loved every story. You each have a different style and your stories are incredible glimpses into other lives. I’ve been enjoying this group so much!!

    But if I *had* to pick a favorite, it would be a tie between “In Dreams” and “One Glass.” I loved “One Glass” because it’s so lush and rich with detail – it’s like a painting made of words. And I could almost taste the wine, feel it buzzing on my tongue and in the back of my mouth. I almost felt my head spin, and I loved the ending. Just beautiful, with that brief glimpse of something nasty hidden behind the glitter.

    I loved “In Dreams” for the characters. The girl who doesn’t sleep – ah, I’ve been there before, and it was such a heady, intoxicating, *frightening* feeling. And I loved her blisters: I’ve long had a passion for running; it’s always been my escape. But my blisters – now those always kept me real, kept me grounded, forced my feet to come back to firm ground when they would have flown away. I could relate to this story.

  16. What a great comment, Jen!

    I’ve entered you in. I’m getting all tingly wondering whose name I’m going to draw!

  17. Is it any surprise that my favorite so far has been “Death’s Diner”? I love the interaction/contrast between Love and Death; it’s just so amusing! Then again, I’ve always been a sucker for funny fantasy.

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