Tuesday is WILD CARD DAY!

Welcome to the Tuesday where the Merry Sisters of Fate enable your worst procrastinatory tendencies!

First up, WORDLE. It’s like a computer takes the words from your work in progress and makes it into magnetic poetry, then arranges and rearranges them until you have a poem-cloud WIP! Voila:

This is a new game for me, and I’m finding the different ways of playing with font, color, horizontal/vertical to be quite diverting. Do go try it! When I’m filled with ennuivel* my first course of action is to head straight for the Internet, which is easy because I write on a shiny MacBook. Lately, Wordle is a first stop. It can help me see the themes running through the current chapter, anything I’m leaning too heavily on, or not using enough. (See? Fake work!)

But even Wordle fails eventually. So I turn to Google and search endlessly for images I can make into LJ icons to remind me of my WIP. It’s productive. Really. Finding that perfect icon to kick me with motivation every time I see it? Valuable!

And suddenly THAT doesn’t feel like WORK anymore. And one thing ennuivel requires is that I trick myself into thinking I’m working on the novel, when really I’m not. Not remotely.

For my current WIP, my favorite methods for combatting ennuivel are:

~ Beg Maggie to let me fix HER book instead of mine. (Haha – no, really. Please? Can I have more?)

~ Make family trees (hey, there are FOUR different dynasties going on here, and they’re totally intermarried. It’s a complex process.)

~ Translate random selections of BEOWULF into Modern English. (This probably doesn’t sound like fun to most readers. But hey! Sometimes I rhyme. Or make it into slam poetry. Old English is surprisingly easy to slam.)

~ Work on the glossary. No, it isn’t for you. It’s for me. Did I mention the dynasties? Half of them are in OE and half are in Old Norse. I have to keep track of who I’m inventing and who comes from Anglo-Saxon sources or Old Norse sources and why I am or am not changing their names. (This also doesn’t sound like fun. Wow. No wonder it feels like I’m working so hard!)

~ Create my very own kennings! And Name Riddles! This is my favorite: “The spear made of terror is weakest.” Aaaaand, out of context, it’s totally uncool and meaningless. Yay?

~ Write up stories for my characters to tell about each other and their gods and heros. And then, hey! Did you notice this one starts with “writing?” I’m all of a sudden WORKING AGAIN! And if I’m lucky, I’m excited about the next scene. (Hidden message: sometimes procrastination is not so bad after all.)

Basically, I find that what procrastination really does is make the novel totally take over my life. When I procrastinate, I end up thinking about writing more. It’s like when I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing more than when I actually am. Because when I AM writing, I’m only thinking about this sentence and this character and this moment.

Ok. And now I have to stop procrastinating (did I leave out “write lj post”?) and vomit up something for my Wednesday Fic.

* novel ennui

10 thoughts on “Tuesday is WILD CARD DAY!

  1. I always know I’ve got it bad when I want to clean my kitchen to AVOID writing. 😉

  2. ennuivel*

    I love it! (I’ve been having a lot myself, lately–but no more!)

    I’m impressed–all your procrastination seems to center heavily around your WIP. So, even when you’re not writing on it, you’re still turning it over in your head and getting all the big picture stuff in focus. This sounds like the way to go!

  3. I don’t remember all this WIP-heavy procrastination for any other book I’ve ever written. So it’s either a really good thing, or a really bad thing. Only time, and the finished product, will tell.

    Re: ennuivel: I just came up with that this morning while whining to Maggie in chat. I’m glad yours is clearing up. I hope that means I’ll be reading more Fe soon. 😉

  4. Re: Fe,

    I’ve actually been getting tons of work done on it in the last month, but I’ve changed the structure of the beginning so much that I figured I should hold off on sending those last few chapters until I get the whole thing together. That way, people can read the new draft all at once and tell me if I’m making sense 😉

  5. Ennuivel? I’m impressed, I like this word. I had to look up ennui. I’ve got it now.

    To be honest I had to look up procrastinate as well. I put of important stuff like paying bills, bookwork, and sleep, so I can write. I want to write four best sellers before I die, so I’ll procrastinate death.

    Agent first, best sellers, die.

    Keenings, cool. But then I had to look up circumlocution. Sigh.

  6. I’ve just finished Dean Koontz’s Brother Odd. I love Odd, we’ve so much in common. Time to write.

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