Tuesday Author Discussion: Roald Dahl

I can tell you exactly why I remember Roald Dahl, even though I haven’t read one of his books in over ten years.

Because The Witches scared the living snot out of me. Seriously. When I was little, I couldn’t remember if I’d picked it up from the fiction side of the aisle or the nonfiction side, and I was half-afraid the whole time that this was a memoir.

And that’s the effect that it has. Dahl’s plots are absolutely quirky, scary, and weird, but his story telling and characters are so matter of fact about it that you’re fooled into thinking this world is real and plausible.

I still have a deep and abiding distrust of old ladies. Thanks, Dahl. Your fault. 100%.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Author Discussion: Roald Dahl

  1. Hah! Me too! 🙂 (I need to find that book and read it again…)

    I remember reading James and the Giant Peach and the whole time I kept thinking, “But he’s in a peach. A peach for cryin’ out loud!” – and yet, at the same time, I was totally engrossed in the story. Dahl made me believe his story, and I absolutely loved him for it.

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