Thursday Fun: "Constantine"

Besides Tilda Swinton and other demony-goodness (badness?), I liked “Constantine” for the magic.

It is so rare to see a movie (or TV show) these days that shows cool ritual magic. Magic that fits the internal mythology and the external ramifications.

I haven’t seen the movie more than that one time it was free with a coupon to Blockbusters, and I tend to think dear Keanu dulls the mind, but woah! Magic! That (and Tilda) is what I really remember. I’ve a bit of a magical stick in the mud – meaning, I think about it and analyze it and really really want there to be some rules or laws or *something* for it to follow. I was surprised to find myself quite satisfied by the rituals in “Constantine.” (confession: I’m a Catholic girl, so those kind of rituals jive with me frequently).

Give me gritty, realistic, consistent magic and I’m yours! It doesn’t have to be complicated or pretty – just cool and unique, and if possible, involve blood.

Lots of blood.

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