Tuesday Topic: Good Resources on Writing for Young Adults

Today’s topic was supposed to be “research – good resources.” As that’s broader than Angelina Jolie’s lips, I decided to narrow it down to the resources I used/ still use for young adult writing. Basically, this is going to be a link salad post of all the places I haunted and still haunt along the way to publication. I know I’m probably missing some, but these are most of the biggies. And yes, I do read them all. Yes, I do spend toooo much time on the computer. I try to do all my blog-reading on one day though, so it keeps it under wraps!

So, the list:

Verla Kay’s Forum for Children’s Writers (includes YA), fondly known as the “Blueboards”
This is a great, supportive forum populated by amateurs and professionals alike.

Miss Snark
An anonymous literary agent (well, her cover has probably been blown) who blogged very extensively about the business of writing and submitting works.

Agent Query
A place to find out which agents represent your brand of fun.

Cynsations Cynthia Leitich Smith’s amazing resource.
Interviews with authors, editors, and agents, and rundowns on currently hot kidfic. Must read.

A handful of literary agents’ blogs that I read:

Kristin Nelson’s Pub Rants
BookEnds Literary
Agent in the Middle

Two random editors thrown in for fun:

Editorial Ass
Evil Editor

The blogs I read on YA lit:

Librarilly Blonde
The YA Mansion
Seven Impossible Things
A Chair, a Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy
Yapping About YA
Shrinking Violets

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  1. Shoot. Now you’re making me pick a favorite out of my babies. I guess . . . either Librarilly Blonde or A . . . no. Either Librarilly Blonde or the YA Mansion. I guess.

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