Thursday Fun: "Dierdre of the Sorrows"

This is what I have to say about Dierdre of the Sorrows:

– She’s the sad version of boogyman stories. Instead of “be good and eat your carrots or the boogyman will snatch you” it’s “you may think you’re suffering and life’s unfair, but look at Dierdre. Be thankful you have it as good as you do!”

– What I find interesting about stories like Dierdre’s is the notion that it’s good to be beautiful, but only to a certain point. After that, it only causes tragedy and death. Basically, women are screwed.

– Take a moment and imagine just what it would be like to stick your head out of a moving chariot and bash it against a rock.

Can you say CRACK! SPLATTER!?

I can always count on the Irish for delicious gore.

9 thoughts on “Thursday Fun: "Dierdre of the Sorrows"

  1. Can you say CRACK! SPLATTER!?

    You officially went to the place I did not go. Thank you. My restraint was hurting me 😉

  2. And I can pretty much guarantee that the english translation you read is a tame version of the original Irish one. Trust me on this, I had to study the Ulster Cycle in school, in Irish, and some of the passages were very… vivid. I remember one scene, described in loving detail, in which the hero is tied to a tree and has his eyes plucked out by a raven and eaten – and yes, he was still alive at the time!

  3. A friend of mine received a book of Irish folktales from his parents to read to his children, and after thumbing through three or four particularly gory and bloodthirsty stories, his wife declared, “These people aren’t Irish, they’re Klingons!”

  4. Oh! Whoa! Agency indeed. I’ve never seen this one before – ever! Which is what I love about this community.

    This is so interesting… and also, delightfully gory! Me likey.

  5. Hahaha! That’s awesome!

    (PS. Speaking of barbarians, the BEOWULF rpg arrived last night. I flipped through it and it looks tres fun! Thanks!)

  6. HAHAHAHHAAAA! This is what I love about Tess.

    And as a kid, why I always remembered Deirdre’s story.

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