Thursday Fun: Chocolat

When we first started this blog, the posts about other authors and movies were supposed to be a writerly form of the artist-of-the-month studies that I did on my art blog. On my art blog, I took artists that I admired, studied their work to see why it was that I liked it, and then stole what I could to make my work better. Well, adapted.

Chocolat is one of those movies I like so well that it reminds me of my original intent with these posts. And I know exactly what it is that I would like to steal from Chocolat. Mood. Every single frame of Chocolat carries the same mood and tone: whimsical, quaint, idealized, historical, fairy-tale like. And everything backs this up: the characterization (3D but still idealized and whimsical), the plot (simplified and fairy-tale like), the color palette, the wardrobe choices, the music — everything shouts that everyone creating that movie knew what mood they were aiming for and did everything they could to reinforce it.

I want that! I want to know what mood I’m going for with my novel. I want to write one of those books that sucks you into a completely imagined and coherent world.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Fun: Chocolat

  1. I don’t know if I will write fiction, but I try to write with feeling. I want the reader to feel something. Anything! Anger, love, fear, hope. I don’t care if people don’t believe me, as long as they’re passionate about it.

    I don’t know this movie. I’m just visiting. You want to put the jug on?

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