Thursday Fun: "Chocolat"

The best thing about the movie Chocolat as a work of literature is that every time I watch the smallest clip I desperately want to eat chocolate (and Johnny Depp). But especially chili-pepper truffles and melted dark chocolate.

I don’t mean that as flippantly as it sounds. One of the goals of writing is to create desire in your reader. To make them want to know what happens, to make them empathize, imagine, think. When I write about blood, I want you to smell it. When I write about pain, I want you to ache.

If I wrote about chocolate and you went out and HAD to buy some, I’d consider my work a success.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Fun: "Chocolat"

  1. LOL we love that movie. Turned Susi on to it the other day.Wayne or “Seymoure” wrote us a song titled Choc-o-la-te we just have to find the time to add music to it, we are so busy recording right now it’s hard. Do you think your partner would like to be put on our friends tab for limey birds pr?

    Oh and the mere mention of Chocolate and well that frickin pic is making me want some…..damn u tessa, now I have to go to the store.

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