Thursday Fun: PROMPT!

Prompt Thursday has rolled around again! And we’d like to invite you to join in our fun.

This week, all three sisters have used the same prompt to write our shorts: the popular fairy tale Snow White. Here’s a link to the Grimm version: Little Snow White.

As always, please post your response in your own journal and link to it here in the comments! A story, a poem, a brief description or flash fiction – we can’t wait to read it. Have fun!

6 thoughts on “Thursday Fun: PROMPT!

  1. I think you’ve scared everybody. The three stories this week were brillaint and now we have to compete. I’m not done yet, I’ve been busy. My healing appointments have doubled, yipeee, and I’m running two development groups. I will have a story to post tonight. See ya, Simon.

  2. I forgot when I put it up last night to post my linky here:

    Thank you guys for doing these! If I am challenged to write, it is harder to put it off and say, “No, my ideas don’t really need to be brought out all the way. I can just leave them as half-formed snippets in Word files on my desktop…”

    *looks sheepishly at ‘Writing’ folder full of snippets*

    Much love,

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