Tuesday is WILD CARD DAY!

So we shall attempt to entertain you!

Check out this great post from Cracked.com (a fab website if we do say so ourselves)!

The Gruesom Origins of Five Popular Fairy Tales.

At least one of them has been discussed here in detail, and a few have been reimagined by one of us sisters. But there’s plenty more blood and sex and fun where those came from.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday is WILD CARD DAY!

  1. LOL

    Those are far more enjoyable in their original forms… The version of Rumpelstiltzkin I’d heard ended with him throwing such a hissy fit and stamping the floor so hard, he feel into the center of the earth.

  2. That’s pretty good! Though I must admit I’m enamored with the image of him tearing himself in two. 😉

  3. Yeah, I like that one, too.

    I’m also amused that the girl is somewhat cruel, toying with him that last night by running through a bunch of other names, getting his hopes up, before dropping the hammer on the little man.

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