Welcome to Day One of LAMENTIGANZA!

It’s the official release week for Maggie’s debut novel Lament: The Faerie Queen’s Deception, so we’re having fun! (What this means is I might be spamming you all day long with weird and hopefully entertaining fun facts, opinion posts, and discussion threads!) If we’re lucky, we’ll have a special guest. The author herself! Woo!

Note: I will always warn if there will be spoilers, and put them behind a cut.

First up, the spoiler free

10. One of the coolest deaths EVER. (And I’m not talking about a certain someone being ripped into several pieces.) If you’ve been reading merry_fates long enough, you’ll know I’m picky about my death.

9. James and James’s tee shirts.

8.. None of the faeries are nice. They can act nice, but they are not nice.

7. That make-out scene in the car. I had to put the book down. It’s hawt.

6. Patrick Sullivan. (Ok, so, he’s in BALLAD, but you should read LAMENT in order to read BALLAD, and even if LAMENT weren’t awesome in its own right, you really, really, really want to be prepared for the glory and angst and even more homicidal homicidal faeries in the sequel.)

5. The ice-cream shop scene. When you read it, you’ll know which one I’m talking about.

4. Luke. Because who doesn’t love emo faerie musician boys? Especially hot ones?

3. The Daoine Sidhe.

2. Some of the most original AND true to tradition faerie lore I’ve ever come across, speaking of the daoine sidhe.

1. One of the most satisfying and realistic romantic endings I’ve read in YA. Plus, it will leave you rather desperate for that little sequel I mentioned above. Seriously.

Ta da!

Go! Read!

15 thoughts on “LAMENT-IGANZA!!!

  1. seconded. apart from number six, which I am so far unable to comment on. But it came today and I read it and wow. And yes, the deaths are AWESOME (and disturbingly like what happens when my unseelies start Doing Things)…

    …11. It is single-handed fuelling my support of Jung’s collective consciousness theory!

  2. Not even slightly. I’m still basking in the smugness of living in wales and still having got my copy before the official release! 😉

  3. I got it a week and a half or so ago from BookPeople and finished it in almost one sitting.

    It was extra-sassy.

  4. Number 1 seconded!! To infinity squared, seconded. 😉

    I love that none of the fae are nice, but you still manage to make the “nicer” ones believable.

    And can’t wait to make the acquaintance of Patrick Sullivan; I love the men in your stories, even the creepy ones. 😀

  5. Oh, and the deaths? Both of them were VERRAH full of awesome. One reminded me of my favorite death scene in Hellboy2. Simply canNOT wait until bk2 comes out!!

  6. 🙂 Thanks! How weird is it that so many people have read it before it’s even hit shelves?

    THIS weird.

  7. I agree wholeheartedly. Not that anything beyond “it’s awesome” should be required to get everyone to read it.

  8. On line!

    It’s on Amazon, or you can order it from your local bookstore.

    Maggie has an “order now” button on her lj page if you click on her name. 😀

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