Wild Card!

Since the inception of Merry Fates, I’ve developed a complicated relationship with the calendar. The week has redistributed itself to revolve around Mondays. I think about Monday a lot. Any time I get a little snippet of an idea, I mull it over, try it on—see if it looks flattering on Monday, or if it’s too ugly to go out in public.

I’ve begun to collect everything.

Okay, that’s not revolutionary or shocking. I’m a hoarder—it’s what I do. But I’ve started snapping up the anecdotes of strangers and casual acquaintances, thinking in terms of theme and plot. I assess everything I’ve done over the past week based on its potential value as fiction. Maybe I attended a bachelorette party. Maybe I watched a UFC fight. How can I apply some kind of narrative? What were the defining features of the experience, the most memorable images?

For most of my life, I’ve been intrigued by unusual moments, little bits of trivia. I’ve always just packed them away with the idea that maybe I’d get to the story-aspect eventually. I was always collecting the raw potential in things.

Now, because I have a fiction appointment every week, I need all the material I can get. Instead of filing ideas for later application, I explore them. Sometimes I use them recklessly. The goal has become to break open any idea just to see what happens.

2 thoughts on “Wild Card!

  1. “For most of my life, I’ve been intrigued by unusual moments, little bits of trivia.” I wonder, what’s an unusual moment?

    I was looking at your icon photo and a smiling face appeared – Chinese, 400 BC, long face, scholar, calligraphy, records history for a war lord, he loves you. I feel wise, longing (for freedom), happy, he’s suffered loss though. He sits cross legged beside you and writes while you sleep.

    I love your fiction. Feeling. What intrigues me is you have academic knoweledge about the angels/moments I experience. Have a good day. See ya.

  2. I wonder, what’s an unusual moment?

    You know, I actually caught myself wondering that as I was writing it down. I think it might just be those times when you see something happening that would probably make sense if you’d been around to know the context, but without context, it only seems strange. Or maybe when you find yourself in a situation you wouldn’t have thought of, learning something or trying something you previously hadn’t known about.

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