Today, we’re going for a little less wild and a bit more reflective.

We started Merry Fates a mere six months ago, and have each written a piece of short fiction every week. We’ve talked amongst ourselves about how our approach to the weekly fiction has changed and expanded, about the emotional ups and downs and the process by which we do this brand new writing ever week. Maggie had the brilliant idea to put it down HERE, for posterity.

This is how I feel about writing weekly fiction six months after beginning:

I love it and I hate it. 😀

It’s hard. I sit down on Tuesday to write a draft of my Wedfic. If I’m lucky I have a solid idea: a voice, a dominant image or end place. I write my short in two hours or less, email it to myself, and wait for first thing Wed morning. If I’m not lucky, I have some vague, amorphous idea that will stress me out for the next 24 hours while I try over and over again to churn something out that doesn’t totally suck. (For the record, I’ve only posted one wedfic that I thought totally sucked. It was better than nothing. Sorry about that.)

I hope it stays hard, because that means as I’m learning, I’m continuing to challenge myself. My standards have gone up (along with my average wordcount). I’ve noticed that I am not satisfied with vignettes or character study scenes anymore. I want a whole story, with a unifying image or scene, a beginning and an ending. I’ve also noticed I rabidly hunt for story ideas because I need SO MANY. I can’t wait to let them come to me, and feel like that little chicken asking everything if it’s my mother. “Are you an idea? You? An idea? Can I make you into one? Force meaning and plot upon you? Are you, huh? Huh?”

Ok. Now I have to go write my Wedfic. Because it’s Tuesday, and that’s what I do.