One day left! Then it’s HALLOWEEN!!!

It’s once again time for our monthly prompt!

However, since it is Halloween time, and Halloween is a holiday that encompasses just about all the death/angst/horror/morbid humor/disfunction we love, we Merry Fates have decided to hold a special And
don’t forget about our Halloween Prompt Contest!!!

All you have to do is write a short story (about 600 – 2000 words), post it in your own journal, and then link back to it in the comments to this post or to the post I made last Thursday. The prompt for your stories? Simply HALLOWEEN. Be creative! Have fun! Any genre is welcome!

Entries are due by midnight on October 31st.

Maggie, Brenna, and I will decide on our mutually favorite story, and the winner will receive ALL of the following:

– A copy of AN INFINITE THREAD, the first Merry Fates anthology. It’s the best of our shorts so far, plus THREE anthology-exclusive stories filled with our usual angst and body-count.

– A signed copy of LAMENT, by Maggie Stiefvater, and a CD with three of Maggie’s songs that were inspired by LAMENT.

– a Merry Sisters of Fate t-shirt (or a homicidal faeries T, your pick).

Don’t forget: you MUST link your story back to us, or we might not know you entered.

20 thoughts on “One day left! Then it’s HALLOWEEN!!!

  1. This definitely shows that while you guys are SO cut out to be writers, some of us aren’t, lol. This is hard!

  2. LOL. I estimate that about 40% of what I say to Maggie and Brenna is how hard this is to do. Seriously. 40% whining and complaining. 😀

  3. *lol* I’m using it to avoid doing my homework at the moment. *grin* Luckily that’s not due until 4am.

  4. *is finishing up story*
    I’m definitely posting one…as soon as I get back from the doctor’s. And make my story not fail anymore.

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