I know you guys were wondering when we’d get around the posting the winners of our Halloween contest. Well, the answer is now. We had 18 entries and no offense, guys, but I was sort of happily enthralled that they were all good. I was secretly afraid we were going to end up with a dozen howlers and I would be forced to wince my way through them while imagining how I could be spending my time vacuuming or removing my toenails with pliers or something more enjoyable.

But I digress. I know you all are just scrolling down through all this to see who won anyway.

Not so fast. First, how we picked who we picked. There were a lot of stories with great voice. And a lot of stories with great plot. And even some who had both, but bailed in the last two paragraphs and gave us a less-than-satisfying ending. The fact that the Sisters were unanimous in their choice of top four means (I think) that there was something inherently better about our top picks, that they nailed the plot/ voice/ ending thing more tidily than the others.

So. The three runners up/ honorable mentions. My comments are here and I think that the other sisters will add their comments to the comments here or directly at the runner ups’ LJs when they log on.

dives — "Oct 10/31". For me, this one stood out because of the world-building and the easy way of the prose that tells me dives is a writer confident in their skin. The ending was satisfying and predictable, which ultimately kept it from #1.

widdershins13 — "The Sugar Witch". I’ll admit, I was all ready to just consign this one to the bin because the first half feels weak to me. But it makes us for it with a satisfying and interesting second half with yummy use of magic.

woodrunner — "Halloween". This was an ambitious bit of world-building, stocked with some lovely ideas and told with effective prose.

and our winner is

sherwood21 — "Foul". I’m not going to say anything about it except for all of the sisters thought it was really well written and the twist on the idea was a standout in our entries. It’s short; if you haven’t read it, you should!

Congrats, and sherwood21 , e-mail me with your address so we know where to send your prize and which shirt you would like! Thanks everybody so much for entering — it was a pleasure!

19 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER IS

  1. Now that the competition is over, I think Merry Sister commenting will probably ensue. But we couldn’t, like, show our hands earlier. 😉

  2. Congrats to all the winners!

    My piece helped me discovered that a) I shouldn’t combine writing and not knowing what my Halloween costume is the day before b) I have no understanding of how verb tenses actually work and c) plots are difficult and don’t like me.

  3. Hey, cool! But yeah…plot…escaped me. *shrug* Ah, well. I see it as a fitting funeral for the idea I ended up not doing for NaNo this year.

  4. Congratulations to ! I read your story and did like it very much. It was very entertaining.

    Congratulations to the other runner-ups, too! I’m happy to be in good company. In fact, I thought I was in good company all around; I thought there were many excellent entries.

  5. Congratulations sherwood21! And congratulations to all the runners up too!

    I realized (again) that I shouldn’t write short stories, but I learned a lot about my character, which was great. Now I know a different side of her. That made the whole thing worth it. Thanks again for the contest!

  6. Alas, so close!

    Nah, I’m totally joking. 😀 Big congratulations to sherwood21! I had a great time reading everyone’s stories, too, so nice one to everyone.

  7. This contest made me more amazed how you three can write such good stories on a regular basis! *brain still dead from attempting her own short story* Congrats to the winner, the runners-up, and everyone else for simply attempting this!

  8. Hey congrats to everyone! And a big thanks to The Merry Fates for the great contest. Loved reading the stories:)

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