Welcome to this month’s Wild Card Day! The day Maggie, Brenna and I roll around angsting about how we can possibly entertain you, and curse ourselves for thinking randomness was a good idea!

Well! This week we’re all writing about selkies, thanks to the prompt chosen by the awesome spark_force, the winner of our comment-contest. We thought, so we’re all on the same page, we should link to some selkie info.

First, and certainly not least, the ever popular Wikipedia entry. Chalk full of at least generally accepted facts about these seal people, it’s got a few keen pictures. My favorite is the Faroese stamp.

(Nerd alert: the word selkie comes from the Scots word for seal, selch, which in turn comes from the Old English word seolh. In modern English, the word dropped the h and became seal, but the Scots kept the OE pronunciation, say-ol-k, which is why selkie has a k.)

Selkie before it sheds its skin: Isn’t he adorable?

And here’s a link to a lovely site called Orkneyjar with some info and stories about selkies from the Orkney islands.

I must report that I have not found any stories of selkies eating people.

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