"Grab your torch, mount your horse! Screw your courage to the sticking place!"

The night is dark, but the tower of the old windmill stands atop the hill, bent and crumbling over its own dilapidated roots. The sky billows with heavy clouds. 

But look! Lights approach from the south; flickering, angry torches float above the crowd as it careens toward the mill. Led by three women, sisters one might call them, the mob yells and shrieks. Cries of "death!" and "destroy!" rock the stillness, overtaking the wind.

Peeking through the cracks high up in the tower, two shaking weekdays await their final fate.


In the beginning, the Merry Fates blog was a Frankenstein amalgamation of dreams and effort. We tried to design the best model, with unique and interesting parts. Since we started, we’ve learned a lot about what works.

Now that all of us are agented and more focused than ever on our own novels, we’ve decided to narrow our focus to the real heart of the blog: the fiction.

Our stories are not going away. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you can still expect rocking original fiction. But Tuesday and Thursday are going the way of poor Dr. Frankenstein’s monster.

We’ll still have prompts and contests, but the essays on writing craft, business, and fairy tales are migrating to our personal blogs and websites, where they’re much more suited.

As always, thanks so much for reading! We look forward to the future!

The Merry Sisters of Fate


image from Universal Pictures!

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