Watcher Prompt Contest!

We miss reading your writing, Watchers!

So we’re dredging up our Watcher Prompts – this month, it’s gonna be a little different. I’m about to give you the prompt, and you have until next Thursday (February 26th) to post a link to your story. It can be as short or as long as you want!

We’ll pick our favorite, and the following Thursday, for the first time EVER, we’ll post the winner’s story as a special Thursday Fiction post!

Without further ado: La Belle Dame Sans Merci, by Frank Cadogan Cowper.

We can’t wait to read what you come up with!

42 thoughts on “Watcher Prompt Contest!

  1. I’ve decided she didn’t do anything to him. He fell over while trying to walk in those freaking armored boots. Like 6-inch heels – they were not made for walking.

  2. Damn, they do have some toes on ’em, don’t they?

    Perhaps he’s like one of those fainting goats. She clapped her hands in delight and he fell over. She’s just biding her time, waiting . . . waiting . . . knowing in her heart she should’ve gone out with Sir Boris instead.

  3. It’s too bad Boris lives up to his names and refuses to dress nicely for her. His preferred olive and gold tabard does nothing for her gown.

  4. Mead-reddened cheeks clash with her hair, too.

    Which is why she waits here for Sir-Not-Appearing-Not-in-the-Mud instead of stealing his palfry and heading back for Boris.

  5. GAWD. I can’t even follow this one up with anything. That one slays me.

    And probably the palfry, too.

  6. At least it died happy. Or if not happy, per se, seeing visions of that stallion that they’d left behind in Clod-on-the-Water.

  7. It’s Horseman’s armor, maybe he was thrown in a steeplechase and her score card got caught in her hair.

  8. Well, yeah.

    “And she’s bound his wounds with the goldenrod
    Full fast in her arms he lay
    And he has risen hale and sound
    With the sun high in the day”

  9. Please keep it open until next Tuesday, March 3rd, or email a copy of it to Maggie and Brenna and I. We won’t be reading any until then. 😀 Thanks for playing!

    You know if you win, it’ll be public forever here on MF. That ok?

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