Awesome Anniversary Contest!

In honor of our One Year Anniversary, we’re having a Watcher Prompt Contest!

The rules are the same as before, with one small addition. But first I’m going to tell you the PRIZES because they rule. (Seriously – I asked Maggie and Brenna if I could enter. They said no.)

Our Grand Prize Winner will receive:

– his or her choice of a tee shirt or tote bag from our Merry Fates Shop (I have a tote and it is huge and durable. I love it.)


– a signed ARC of SHIVER by our own Maggie Stiefvater! Maggie just got her hands on this hot items, and wow are they cool. SHIVER comes out in August, so our winner will be three months ahead of the crowd! 

We’ll also choose a few runners-up, who will receive massive amounts of GLORY and accolades. We’ll ask them to pick common prompts for us – no topic, story, or image is off limits!

Here are the rules:

1) use the prompt to write a story. It can be as short or as long as you like.

2) post it in your blog, and then link to it in the comments to this post, or one of the reminder posts.

3) For your story, you get one entry into the contest. HOWEVER, if after posting your story, you go back through the MF stories and comment to one (or many) telling us what you liked about it, we’ll give you ANOTHER entry to win the Grand Prize!

That’s it! Have fun!

EDIT:  You do not have to be a Watcher to enter – you just have to write a story and make sure we have your lj name or real name!  If we don’t know who you are, there can be no GLORY!

The deadline is May 12th, by midnight!

Here’s the prompt, Princess Tuvstarr by John Bauer.

42 thoughts on “Awesome Anniversary Contest!

  1. *drools on self*

    Do past comments count on old stories, or only comments since this announcement?

  2. All three of us love this picture. For some reason, we’re giving it to you instead of using it for a prompt ourselves! 😀

  3. Hehehe.

    New comments, so we can more easily keep track of them. BUT you have 135 stories to choose from! 😀

  4. First of all, the prizes DO look like they’re made of awesome! Secondly, the prompt is really haunting yet sullen. I’ll definitely give the prompt a shot 🙂

  5. I have a question about the prompt, are there any limitations as far as the perspective? Like can the story be about the painting itself OR does it have to be based on the subject matter of the painting? Thanks!

  6. Whatever you want! So long as we can see some kernel of the prompt in the story, you’re good to go. You can go look at the last watcher prompt we did, with a painting of La Belle Dame Sans Merci, and there were so many great ideas: some about the painting itself, some about the exact image, some only vaguely related, but with the *themes* of the painting present, etc.

    Be as creative and wild as you want. 😀

  7. Cool! That helps a lot 🙂 I just wanted to make sure I started writing something. This is going to be a fun challenge! The painting is new to me, so it’s given me several ideas 🙂 I’ll look up the previous prompt! That painting is beautiful too, and I’d love to see what inspired writings it generated 🙂

  8. Thanks for reminding me this was happening. The timing is perfect and the prompt is inspiring.

    Now lets see if I can come up with something that makes sense.

  9. This is great, I’d love to join in! *begins writing*
    Is it okay for people outside of the U.S to join in? I’m Norwegian, but my English should be good enough.

  10. Wonderful! I found myself very much inspired! Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish it before the 12th 🙂

  11. Alright, so to be on the safe side, we have up until the midnight tomorrow to submit our story, right? Not tonight by midnight (which makes it officially the 12th)? I sent a message, but I’ve been kind of writing for an extensive amount of time today, and I wanted to check instead of making assumptions.


  12. Thanks for running an Awesome Anniversary contest! The prompt is gorgeous. I’d love to see the Merry Sisters’ take on it sometime in the future.

    Princess Tuvstarr is my entry.

  13. Holy crap, I just now noticed this! *angsts whether she can write a short story in 12hrs!*

  14. Well, I’ll be. I can’t write a short story and submit it quickly, but I seem to be able to write a bit of poetry, namely a sonnet. You can find it over at my LJ, or just by going here:

    (I’m not sure why I thought poetry would be easier than writing a story but felt it was in keeping with the beauty of the prompt)

  15. Poetry has its own sound. I like the imagery of the poem, it has a nice ghostly feel to it and reminded me of some of my other favorite poems.

  16. I liked it. It has a great little tone to it and a great sense of humor as part of the storytelling (yeah, a copy of what I posted there).

  17. Thank you for the compliment! I haven’t done poetry since I was a teenager (wow a decade, oy!) but it seemed to fit with this particular prompt perfectly so I went that route. 😀 I’m glad you liked it.

  18. I apologize for this late post. For some odd reason, my LJ-Cut wasn’t working properly, and I just woke up from my cold medicine induced haze. I also realized I accidentally set my post to private so you guys probably didn’t see it. Like many here, writing this in such a short time was a challenge, but well worth it.

    Just visit the link to my home page it’s the top post


  19. Thank you. This story is one of my favorite ways of world-building, write a story about some aspect of the world. In this case, this worked with the resonance of magic users. Mages can’t be near each other because they cause pain or headaches (resonance). The more powerful the magic, the more other mages suffer. Created magic items have the same effect (like the book) in that they cause resonance. Their creators can use them without problems, but all the other mages suffer when using it. Too much magic and the items explode. 🙂

    Those who don’t do magic beyond simple tricks don’t notice this and aren’t affected.

    It is also why the steam engine is so important in this world (it’s a steam punk world). It lets people work with magic (through mechanics) without suffering resonance.

    I’m really glad you liked it.

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