The New, IMPROVED, Merry Sisters of Fate

Now with SIX fresh, original pieces of fiction EVERY MONTH!

Week one: Brenna, also known as Disfunctional Spice, will wow us!

Week two: Tessa, aka Gory Spice, will horrify us!

Week three: Maggie, hailed as Emo Spice, will make us cry like babies!

Week four: We’ll all participate in a common prompt (Mon, Wed, and Fri) chosen by YOU dear watchers.

On the occasional off week we’ll take a chance to recuperate and make you write instead! Look for more frequent watcher prompts, and we want to try and do at least one quarterly give-away.

Year Two starts next week. Thanks to everyone for making this first year so much fun!!!

image from Thor I#200-201 (June-July, 1972) – Gerry Conway & Stan Lee (#200) (writers), John Buscema (pencils), John Verpoorten (#200) & Jim Mooney (#201) (inks), Stan Lee (editor)