The Merry Sisters MEET!

As you probably know, Maggie, Brenna, and I hung out in Savannah, GA last week with six other YA writers. All of our combined awesomeness in one place was nearly too much for the time-space continuum to handle, but we (ad the universe) survived.

Here’s proof!

That’s Maggie (Emo Puppy), Brenna (Dysfunction Kitty), and Tessa (Blood Bunny) from left to right. Thanks to the wicked

for the rocking paintings.

We laughed, talked writing, ate, made silly home videos, and had a BLAST.

7 thoughts on “The Merry Sisters MEET!

  1. That’s adorable. Well done! Strong work!

    Heheehe, it makes me think, “By your powers combined!”

    You sister three,
    have wounded me

    There. Spontaneous poetry, just for you.

  2. I wanna see those home videos! And what’s that mirror behind you? A portal into the Victorian era?

  3. The video will be up on my blog, and probably on Maggie’s TODAY!

    The whole house had amazing furniture like that. Mirrors everywhere (three in our bathroom) and gorgeous old antiques.

  4. This house was something else, Syl–you would have loved it! (we slept in an attic! like ghost-hunters!)

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