Thanks so much to everybody for reading and commenting!

We had 96 entries, and I cut them all up and dumped them into my licorice tin.

Then I averted my eyes, dug in, grabbed a hold….


PM me at everflame or email me at tessa dot gratton at gmail dot com with your mailing address, and I’ll send out my ARC immediately!

Thanks again to everybody who read and commented. It was tons of fun!

5 thoughts on “WE HAVE A WINNER!

  1. Random parrot is random.

    It looks like the generator outside your window is growing tree branch horns. For some reason, it’s kind of freaking me out.

    Congrats to wolfgirl145!

  2. Well, he just sits there on my cabinet doing nothing. Thought I’d give him some time on the good old shoulder. Poor neglected guy.

    I hate that generator. It is loud. I would believe it was the devil.

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