Massive Contest with AWESOME PRIZES!

In honor of m_stiefvater‘s new release, BALLAD, we’re helping her hold a massive contest. She concocted it herself and wrangled brennayovanoff and I into helping her out, which we were thrilled to do! (If I’m totally honest, BALLAD is my favorite of Maggie’s three released books. I ❤ it and you will too!)

FIRST, the prizes.

The absolute grand prize about which we're enormously excited is:

1 chapter (or 15 double-spaced pages, whichever comes first) critique by all three of the Merry Sisters of Fate:
Maggie Stiefvater (LAMENT, SHIVER, and now BALLAD!), Brenna Yovanoff (author of forthcoming FE in ’10) and Tessa Gratton (possessor of secret news we wish we could share). We’re all critique partners, and read every manuscript each other writes before it goes out to editors or agents. We rip and tear the manuscripts apart and put them back together like nobody’s business. None of us would not be who we are without each other, and we’re thrilled to be turning our attention to YOU, dear readers. 😀

The first prize is this swank messenger bag. Not just a swank messenger bag, but a swank messenger bag stuffed with a signed Ballad, a signed Lament, a signed Shiver, and a signed Shiver audio book.

And the second prize is stack of books all involving the paranormal and teens and death and good stuff:

a signed copy of BALLAD
NEED by Carrie Jones
GRACELING by Kristin Cashore
IMPOSSIBLE by Nancy Werlin
THIRSTY by M. T. Anderson

And the third prize is

a signed audiobook of Shiver (what? Maggie has a lot of them)

And here are the rules:

To enter, you must find a copy of Ballad in the wild — that is, in a bookstore of any ilk. You do not have to buy said copy of Ballad. All you have to do is whip out your camera or your cell phone and have someone take a picture of you holding it. That’s one entry. That’s it. You want another chance to win? Have your sister pose next to you. She doesn’t have to buy the book either. Or even hold a copy. She does need to be looking at the camera though. Want another chance to win? Have that random woman browsing the Sarah Dessen books stand next to your sister. Again, she doesn’t have to hold the book. Or even know you. Just be willing to smile into the camera in proximity to someone holding the book. Want visual examples? Of course you do.

This is ONE ENTRY. Notice James is holding the book and looking at the camera.
TWO ENTRIES. Dee is not holding a book, but she is eyeballing the camera. Vaguely.
THREE ENTRIES. Nuala is not holding a book either, but she’s looking at the camera.

FOUR ENTRIES. None of them know the king of the dead, but he’s looking at the camera (I think. His eyes are shadowed.) He doesn’t have to hold that book, but he is anyway because he’s so darn thrilled to be in it.

Then what we need you to do is take the photos and post them somewhere online — we don’t care if it’s your facebook, livejournal, photobucket, mom’s website, whatever, that’s not important. The only thing that’s important is that you link them here. You can embed them directly in the comment if you have the voodoo to do that. Or you can just send us a link. Make sure it’s someplace we can see it and do a headcount. Bonus prize to someone who gets more than 20 people in a photo. 😉 We’ll think of something good . . .

Got the idea? Okay, to give you plenty of time to find it in the wild, we’re running this baby through October 10th, which is the second Saturday in October. Pleeeeeennnnny of time to find it.

You can post your links here, or over at Maggie’s journal. Good luck! And God speed! 😉

17 thoughts on “Massive Contest with AWESOME PRIZES!

  1. Awesome, I’m so in, I need a swank bag, not just a bag but a SWANK one.

    But BUMMER, my sister is in Texas, what if I get HER to go and take her picture with a Ballad and I post it next to the picture of me holding Ballad? 😉

    What if I just take someone who looks LIKE she could be my sister? See icon?

  2. Heehee. I think that would be one entry for and one for your sister. But if your sister won, you could make her give you her prize. 😉

  3. I might just do that, she can keep the bag, I just want the books. She can have Lament, I have a copy of that.

    I bet I can get her to do this too, cause know what, she’s a LIBRARIAN! 😀

    Also, why haven’t I told my sister about you guys? She’s a YA reader because of her job….

  4. The prizes are amazing and I’m excited about doing this . . . oh, yes, I plan to enter. I’ll have to travel to another town about 200 miles away to find a bookstore (we only have Wal-Mart and they don’t carry the good books), but I’m going to enter!!! =D

  5. If I phone all the local book stores ahead of time and ask what day they are getting BALLAD in, I should have half of this challenge met.

    Then, all I have to do is go to one of the stores, jab the sale clerk with a needle and force her to become my blood sister–or maybe I can find a willing nun. At any rate, I am willing to draw blood for the grand prize =)

  6. See, I miss glaring details like the book is Ballad, when I’m running on next to no sleep. Still, I’m off to find my sister. That or kidnap my roommates.

  7. omg i want to enter! but ballad isn’t published in Aus until Nov! aaaaah! Do you think amazon will ship it in time??? and i have two sisters hehe just in case i need them.

  8. It might! But I’m sure there will be more awesome contests later, when you’ll be able to enter if not! 😀

  9. Okay, so I drove 200 miles to visit some bookstores and I couldn’t find it anywhere!! =( I’m planning to make another trip 200 miles in the other direction (Flagstaff) to see if I can find it there. Wish me luck!

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