Hey all! Remember this contest we’re helping

run? With the awesome prizes like:

– One chapter critique by all three Merry Sisters of Fate (who all officially have book deals now)!

– A swank MF messenger bag stuffed with ALL MAGGIE’S BOOKS signed!

– A stack of awesome supernatural YA fiction books!

– A signed audiobook of SHIVER!

Here’s how you enter:

Take a picture with a copy of the beautiful BALLAD! Feel free to rub your face on it.

Drag other people into your picture and make them excited about BALLAD! The more people who pose with you, the more entries you get! The purpose is to spread the BALLAD love! Tell them why you’re making them take weird photos for our crazy blog! THAT IS YOUR MISSION!

See? This entry would get me two extra entries. Those are my fellow administrative peeps here in the office. Wave to Kim and Teri!

Then what we need you to do is take the photos and post them somewhere online — we don’t care if it’s your facebook, livejournal, photobucket, mom’s website, whatever, that’s not important. The only thing that’s important is that you link them here. You can embed them directly in the comment if you have the voodoo to do that. Or you can just send us a link. Make sure it’s someplace we can see it and do a headcount.

You can post your link here, at the original announcement, or over at Maggie’s journal.


6 thoughts on “CONTEST REMINDER!!!

  1. I reiterate that this is the coolest contest ever! Thanks for running it, guys!

    Also, Tessa, I am wicked psyched to read your book. I can’t wait until it comes out!

  2. HUGE Pity as I am getting my copy of Ballad in 9 days time and it only became available in SA yesterday. 😦

    Good Luck to everyone else though!

  3. I just found you, love what I am reading, am absolutely thrilled that you all have signed book deals, congratulations! I plan to keep reading about your adventures while I go and create my own. Delighted to know you all, ladies.

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