Best Six Stories of 2009

As I mentioned previously, the Merry Fates are taking the next three weeks off.

However, to tide you over until December, here are our favorite stories from the past year:

Brenna Yovanoff:



Blue as God

Tessa Gratton:

Ash-Tree Spell to Break Your Heart


The Cold that Flays the Skin

Maggie Stiefvater:

A Murder of Gods


The Last Day of Spring


4 thoughts on “Best Six Stories of 2009

  1. Oh Maggie, how can you forget to add my fav Maggie Stiefvater short story ever, The Haunts We Choose? So, so heartbreaking, I’m still thinking about it …


  2. i miss you guys sooo much i really love your writing. can’t wait for these long three weeks to be over.


  3. I miss it, too! Though we have a really good reason for the break, that hopefully we’ll be able to share soon!

    We’ll be back next week!

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