Round Table Contest Winners!

Thanks to everybody for participating in the very first Round Table Contest!

Without further ado, the answer to the question of which characters from Arthurian legend do the Merry Fates call each other:

Maggie: King Arthur – because she has an amazing power to get everybody to do what she wants, and so far has used this power for good!

Tessa: Morgan le Fay – everyone agrees that I’m the inhuman quasi-bad-guy, which would be annoying if it wasn’t so true.

Brenna: Lady of the Lake – she’s mysterious and rarely seen, but everybody knows she’d got all the real magic.

Nobody correctly guessed all three, though we did get several who got very close with two correct guesses (esp with me. I’m easy.*):

An unnamed anonymous

I drew from those seven, and the winner is…………..LESLEY!

Email me at tessa dot gratton at gmail dot com with your mailing address, lady, and I’ll send you my scribbled in copy of SHIVER!

As you can see by my pile o’ Stiefvater, I have a lot to give away. All three of us do, so look for more contests than ever this year!

Soon, we’ll have brennayovanoff ‘s story for the week. We’re all keeping in the spirit of things, and this month’s common prompt is of course, KING ARTHUR.

*but not cheap.

11 thoughts on “Round Table Contest Winners!

  1. I was buried and totally missed the entire contest. But, congrats to the winners. And yay! for King Arthur month, he’s one of my favorites.

  2. I AM SO EXCITED! WHY?! Because a long time ago (like May of last year), Les and I made a “deal” that if she or I won a copy of SHIVER, then she’d get an LJ. Last month I received a copy in the mail from the publishing house (guess I’d forgotten about some contest I’d entered somewhere) and she’s won one here.

    YAY!! It’s partah time! Get down, girl, go ‘head get down!

  3. OMG!!! AM and I both broke the Stiefvater Curse! Thanks so much Tessa. We were both complaining about how we never seem to win any of Maggie’s books in contests. I was even so confident we were both cursed that I offered to get an LJ in the event that one of us did win it! And now it seems that someone really wants me to get an LJ this year! Now the LJ community will have to put up with my whinging 😀


  4. yay i made the drawing stage! And i don’t even have a name!! :> hehee. Congrats Leslie!

    ps i think i cheated too. everybody else only gave three guesses… i went for 6. just hedging my bets really

    oh an my name is Neishya (nee-sha) its weird i know, there shouldn’t even be a ‘y’ but dad tried to make me ‘special’ before i was even born. what he doesn’t realise is he’s probably the catalyst for my craziness and teen angst right now. lol. sucker

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