This Thursday, Maggie, Brenna, and I are heading off with our significant others (and possibly a couple of other awesome writers) to


We’ll be relaxing, tearing up each other’s books, laughing, exploring cemeteries, and every other fun thing you can do in the Big Easy for 5 days.

But, dear readers, we couldn’t imagine leaving you out of all the fun. SO. We’re having a contest. It’s an easy contest, and the prizes are gonna be great.


1) pick your favorite Merry Fates short story.

2) post it to your blog, or your Facebook, or your Twitter with a link back to the story.

3) comment to this post, showing links to your blog/FB/Twitter.

EXTRA CREDIT: if you pick a story from each of us, and post links to all three. This will get you 3 entries instead of just 1.


Yes you can post to all your social media – the more the merrier! (See what I did there?)

Yes this is open to international participants!


We will randomly pick four winners next Monday, during our Round Table discussion (which will hopefully be a video blog!).

#4: a copy of SHIVER, signed by Maggie, doodled in by the rest of us.

#3: a copy of BALLAD, signed by Maggie, doodled in by the rest of us. (I will probably draw several pictures of Sullivan and I holding hands on the beach. Like that —->)

#2: an ARC of THE REPLACEMENT, signed by Brenna, doodled in by the rest of us.

#1 GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Something Awesome That We Find in New Orleans and Make Even Awesomer. We don’t know what exactly it will be yet, other than it will be completely unique, insane, hilarious, and possibly sticky. (Just kidding about the sticky. I hope.)

It is possible we’ll go crazy and add prizes, depending on what we find/do/bail money. We ARE going to be five writers with SOs in the city of sin (wait, is that Las Vegas?) the city of jazz and pirates.

GO FORTH AND TELL THE WORLD ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE MERRY FATES STORIES! We don’t even mind if they know we bribed you to do it.

(Hint: there are tabs in the margin that have not only our names so you can narrow it down that way – fiction by brenna, frex – but also subject matter if you know you’re looking for a fairy story or a demon story, etc.)

* Yes, Maggie was supposed to post a story today, BUT she is currently on werewolf-lockdown and will post her story on Monday, April 26th. After that, back to our regular schedule. What a great opportunity to go back and reread stories to find your favorites! πŸ˜€

68 thoughts on “Merry Fates New Orleans CONTEST EXTRAVAGANZA!

  1. Wow this is a brilliant competition I’ve really enjoyed reading all of the fics πŸ˜›
    I’ve decided to go for the three for one deal lol

    here are my favourites πŸ˜›!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=286800183

    AND I had to have this one as the one character is called Izzy and I am too LMAO!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=286800183

    I really hope the links work! Thank you for all writing such amazing stories πŸ˜€ have a great time in New Orleans!

  2. I hope these are alright. Not 100% sure of myself on choices (am torn between several). Will do it twice.

    From Tessa, I chose “Red Hat” (on that fact it creeped me out!) –

    From Brenna, “The Spelling Spell”.

    And as from Maggie, there was only ever one choice. “The Carolers” –

    Wow, this was fun! It was nice to find these stories again and re-read them.


  3. Alright. I wanted the THREE, so I posted it on notes, and then published them on my page. I hope that is OK. πŸ˜€

    This one is my favorite from Maggie. Total cliff hanger! (!/note.php?note_id=381875334750 )

    This one I like of Tessa, for it has a sort of Medieval feel, which (I must say) I adored. (!/note.php?note_id=381877874750 )

    Now, Brenna’s was really hard to pick, but after reading the quote, “His smile is the kind that melts glaciers off of bigger glaciers.” It was really interesting to hear it like that. So I choose this one. ( )

    Now I’m done πŸ˜€ Thank you so much! I hope I can win!

  4. I am not entering the contest because I am on faery lockdown, but I had to pop in to say —


    Oh, wait, he has two hands, doesn’t he?

    *scoots around his other side*

    Never mind.

  5. Ladies. Please do not torment the English teachers, okay? There’s plenty of supernatural angst for everyone.

  6. Well gee Maggie, thanks for recognizing that I’m a guy. Can only girls enter this contest? πŸ˜₯

  7. Ok, so I went the whole hog and have chosen to pick on of my favourites from each fab author,

    Prenuptial by Tessa Gratton- Reason being Im a true romantic at heart.

    Still WOlf watching,, Maggie Shiefvater… Sheer reason it inspired shiver and now Linger ohhh to excited πŸ™‚

    The Cure by Brenna Yavanoff.. This totally creeped me out no more mirrors but I loved it hehe

    So now the links for the comp I have face booked it

    and twittered it..

    What a fantabulus comp… To exicted,,,, Great job ladies loved the short stories and all.!!!!!


  8. Well Im very new to these comps so I have forgotten to add my live journal link for this comp.. My three fav books from these three lovley ladies.. so here it is just hope its right this time, I have sent recomendations to my friends and let me know about this comp so there more the merrier… Thanks ladies this is great.. πŸ˜›

    Katrina πŸ™‚


    Twitter (In case you can’t see the tweet): On Wednesday 14th April 2010, @ShannStine said:
    So it’s almost my birthday and I want some SWAG! So…I’m putting some links down for my fave fic by @brennayovanoff @tessagratton and @mstiefvater…seriously, you guys will love these short stories and I’ll totally LOVE my birthday gift from these three ladies. *wink* , , I’m shamelessly encouraging you all (again) to read these fantastic stories and enjoy the Merry Sisters of Fate website because they are truly entertaining and fantastic and I really, really want some signed goodies for my birthday, so Tweeple, go READ! It’s good for you. ;o)

  10. I went for the hat-trick 3-in-1 jazz, posted on Facebook:

    Brenna: Neighbour …totally chilling. I had a horrible foreboding as the last paragraph unfolded. Beautiful writing, too.!/profile.php?id=502341348&v=wall&story_fbid=114408005250590&ref=mf

    Tessa: Never-ending …I wish this were a whole big book. I would buy it immediately and then possibly not read it because I’m terrified of sad endings.!/profile.php?id=502341348&v=wall&story_fbid=109804585721974&ref=mf

    Maggie: You and I …this would’ve been bigger than Harry Potter. Book, book!!/profile.php?id=502341348&v=wall&story_fbid=115769005107476&ref=mf

  11. Going back in your archives was fun, actually choosing favorites was hardwork! πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to checking out some of the favorites mentioned by others.

    I posted my favorites/recommendations (I actually ended up with 2 for each of you) in a Note on my facebook page.

    Thanks for the contests and the great stories! Hope you all had a wonderful time in New Orleans.


  12. Pimping (minus the earlier annotated bibing, woodcutting or latte making):
    1) Because I totally would have left my fellow work-study friends to fend for their own damn selves. Well, maybe. And I’ve always kinda wanted to pull the elevator button. Fiction by Brenna: All Fall Down.

    2) Because I’m in my folk-talk/ fairy tale class and had to re-tell my own fairy tale and this was where I started to think about who the hell that damn prince was. Also, I love a kick-ass, take-charge narrator. Fiction by Tessa: Devils of Our Better Selves.

    3) Because the closest I come to painting is a stick figure, I’m a sucker for a good mask and really, it almost made Lancelot sexy for me. And who doesn’t like sexy? Fiction by Maggie: Portrait.

    That’s me pimping for prizes. At the facebook.

  13. It’s probably too late to enter, but I’m gonna try nonetheless! (The madre-in-law was in town this weekend, and hence, my time to spend reviewing stories online was limited. If I’d had more time, I would have chosen a fave story for each of you, but I only had time to select my fave from Maggie. Please don’t take it as a lack o’ love for your writing, Tessa and Brenna, since that’s totally not the case!)

    I made the note public and tagged Maggie, so hopefully all can see the link if needed.



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