Prompt Contest of Epic Proportions!

I like to be a little hyperbolic in my titles.

HOWEVER: This week instead of a round table, we three sisters have decided to give you AMAZING THINGS.


1) A signed copy of LINGER!!!

2) A signed ARC of THE REPLACEMENT!!!

3) A signed copy of the audiobook of LINGER!!!

4) A Merry Fates tote bag!!! (I have one, it is awesome. I use it all the time. Because I am modest.)



But Tessa, what do I have to do to win one of these prizes, you ask?

In the spirit of giving away free fiction on the internet (a cause we firmly believe in), all you have to do is write something to the following prompt. A story. A poem. A flash fiction. A paragraph vignette. Anything creative that involvs words. Post it to your blog and link back to us. Next Monday at 2pm CST we’ll randomly choose four winners and send off the prizes!!!

Easy as pie!

Without further ado, here’s your prompt: "The Princess and the Pea" by Edmund Dulac.

note: Someday there will be a shiny BLOOD MAGIC arc as a prize. But today is not that day. Maybe in November. If we’re all lucky.

101 thoughts on “Prompt Contest of Epic Proportions!

  1. That’s awesome! So it’s random, and not like… judged? Either way, I’m excited to make my entry πŸ™‚

  2. We decided not to judge this time, because we don’t want people to be too nervous about entering. This is about sharing the love.

  3. If I in fact manage to write a poem and post it and you then have to read it, I wish you to keep in mind that it will be all your own fault.

  4. I do not have a blog, so could I perhaps post something on facebook instead? If I post it as a note, it’d be sort of like a blog post. And I do know people who use it as a blog . . .

  5. It had been an unexpectly warm reception, although Seraphina doubted it was sincere. But no matter, she had a nice cozy bed (though that was putting it mildly), dry clothes, a warm meal, and she was out of the rain for an entire night. She told them all those matresses were not necessary yet the queen insisted. And she thought she had heard something about a ‘pea’. ‘Must be a local tradition of some sort’, she thought.

    Having sunk into the layers of downy softness, it was quite distressing to realize that she needed to tinkle. Seraphina wiggled (which did not help) as she wrestled with the covers until she was in a sitting position. It was then that she realized the servants had removed the ladder. Her bladder continued to prostest as she pondered her quandary.

    It was too far to jump, let alone she had no idea if she could hold it long enough to wiggle that far to the edge. Calling for the servants was unladylike and she did not wish to disturb their rest. She could hold it but then in the morning it would be thrice as difficult to find her way down. Perhaps – but not – but maybe…

    Seraphina lay down, stuck out a foot and stretched her leg as far south as she was able. Flexing her foot, she levered it against the post to pull herself a few more inches. Then she wrapped it around the otherside and bent her knee. Yes! It was working. Finally her thighs wrapped around the large pole and she pulled herself back up into a sitting position. Placing her arms around it as well, she shimmied a bit to the side and used the post to half slide and half climb her way down. With a final reach of her toes, she found the floor and made it down.

    It was only as she tiptoed and waddled towards the door that she realized she had no idea where the bathroom was!

    (That ending was so much funnier until I realized they would most likely have chamber pots but it’s late and my brain is shutting down because it’s past my bedtime so hopefully you all find it funny anyway…)

  6. I so missed the whole ‘post it on your blog and link back’… told’ja my brain was shutting down. *headpillow*

  7. Hey, thanks for distracting me from feeling horrible about men. …again… I hate how emo being me requires! Whatever–

  8. A facebook note or something like that will do – as long as it’s sharing your fiction publicly on the internet!

  9. Yes, as long as it’s sharing your fiction publicly on the internet – that works for us! πŸ˜€

  10. Then I’ll start practicing my “OH MY GOSH!! Well I never WIN these things!!” face now πŸ˜‰ Being your brother is basically already like winning the lotto, though, so I guess I should practice my jello sculptures instead. … o_O

  11. I’m keeping up with my oath to do anything to get a signed copy of The Replacement (including but not limited to: a visit to Mephistopheles).

    Link to my entry over here. πŸ™‚

    – Kristine

    (Wonderful contest. Finally got some writing done!)

  12. Does it have to be Princess and the Pea related??? That little picture gives me ideas that aren’t Princess-y or Pea-y.


    Let me know if I should adjust my profile settings so the story can be seen by the public; at the moment my profile is set to Friends Only (including Ms. Brenna Yovanoff, I believe). The top link seems to work from a friend’s account, but if not, the story is in my notes and in a status update. I’ve tried to comply with the contest rules as much as possible while keeping my profile private with my parents’ rules. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for the opportunity to share fiction here!! I hope you enjoy this story!!

    Virginia Kathryn

  14. Here’s my entry- a haiku πŸ™‚

    Restlessly sleeping
    Ghost and spirits haunt your thoughts
    Hindering your dreams.

  15. Okay, The Merry Sisters of Fate contest entry is my first blog post ever!! *Eeek*

    The kingdom’s favorite princess has found herself in a very sticky situation…accused of “pea-slaughter” She has given her first interview to the press… Click on the link for her side of the story πŸ˜‰

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