Hey everybody! Since this is the 5th Monday of the month, we’re having a contest!

The prize?


This is the very first ARC I’m giving away, and we’re so excited to offer it here on Merry Fates first!

All you have to do to win is tell the world which of our stories is your favorite. On your blog, on Facebook, on Twitter – wherever people will see it!

Link us to your entry here in the comments, and you’ll get your name dropped in the hat. We’ll randomly draw and announce the winners next week when the three of us are together at a retreat. Assuming we aren’t buried in two feet of snow.

To get you started, you can use any of the tags over on the left side of the screen, or check out this post were we tell you which of our recent stories are OUR favorites: clicky, clicky!

Go! Spread the love! Win awesome prizes!

67 thoughts on “CONTEST! Win an ARC of BLOOD MAGIC!

  1. awesome. my favourite story is from the Anthology AN INFINITE THREAD and is by Brenna, “HANDS GO ROUND”. 🙂 i’ll post that on my livejournal, ❤

    im dying to read BLOOD MAGIC so thanks for this contest! 🙂

  2. here it is, as status/post on facebook; though my page my be too private to see it, I swear it’s there!

    I ended up choosing Between the Drops, by Maggie, but that doesn’t mean I like any of the other stories less!
    ~ Meagan

  3. I’m here because of Mackie and Brenna, so Brenna gets my Tweet:

    Even if my name doesn’t emerge from the hat (which would stink) (although it wouldn’t stink more than being buried in two feet of snow), I will still be grateful for all of your marvelous works that we can read here! Thank you so much for sharing them! ♥

  4. Normally, I would be *all* over this contest, but one of your recent blog posts mentioned that you changed things in the final version, so I think I’ll just wait to enjoy it in all of its finished, fabulous (and already pre-ordered) glory. Much luck to the other contest entrants!

  5. Tiffany Craig
    This is one of my most favorite stories from the merry sisters of fate. It is wonderful what the three of you can write. Love it. Go check out the website guys
    Merry Sisters of Fate – Fiction by Brenna: The Bone Tender

    I have posted the above on my facebook page with a link to the story, but for some reason I can’t figure out how to give you a link to the posting.

  6. This is my link! I made it into a note. 😀

    ((If you can’t see it, This is what it looks like:

    ~*~ For a contest! ~*~
    by Jenna Hiltsley on Tuesday, February 1, 2011 at 8:02pm

    Perhaps my two favorite stories are these from the merry sister’s of fate site:

    Both of them are Maggie Stiefvater’s and I love them because they are the kind of stories that stick n your mind. 🙂


  7. I had to go with the story that inspired me to what I called “a dangerous extent” (I couldn’t stop writing for hours because I kept imagining this door with a window above it), which is Inheritance by Tessa.
    It’s on my mibba profile! =)

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