Welcome New Watchers!

Hi, and welcome to everyone who’s stopped by through LJ Spotlight! We’re glad to have you.

We post a short story here every Monday. The first of the month is Brenna, the second Tessa, and the third Maggie. On the fourth Monday we’ll have a guest author from the speculative YA community. If there are any Monday’s left in the month, we’ll hold a contest.

To get you started, the three of us have picked out some of our favorite stories from the last year or so.





17 thoughts on “Welcome New Watchers!

  1. I am so sad to have found this community, or rather, my husband is so sad, because no housework is getting done anymore. I have to read back as far as I can!
    So far everything has been AMAZING! And I’m not looking a gifthorse in the mouth or anything (and what the hell does that even mean, exactly) but I can’t believe this is a free site! How do you not charge people to read all this great stuff?! I’m shocked by it! But also very very happy!!!!
    Thank you!

  2. Haha! This is what we love to hear!

    And free fiction is something we believe in here – we’re having fun and experimenting, and most of the stories aren’t edited at all. So it would be kind of crappy to ask for money for them! Heh.

    If you really want to give us money, go buy our books! 😉

  3. Ah! EDWARD!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ !!!


    Um, I mean, welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here!

  4. I’m so glad this community was spotlighted! You’re all very gifted writers. I particularly liked “Neighbors,” “The Vampire Box,” and “Twelve Steps.”

    This page is making me want to write myself. 🙂

  5. Haha, yes, Edward. x3 ❤

    And thank you! 😀 I just read a few of the stories here, and now I know for sure I'm going to love this.
    You're all very talented, the lot of you. ;D

  6. These are all so wonderful! You three are such great writers, it inspires me to improve my writing! 🙂 My favorites were “Inheritance,” “Date with a Dragon-Slayer,” “Twelve Steps,” and “The Brimstone Dog.”

    I will definitely find your book the next time I’m in Borders or B&N! 😀

  7. I don’t usually pay much attention to LJ spotlight but am I ever glad I did this time! The few stories I read so far are just amazing, making me think back to some of the better stuff I used to find in Asimov’s Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine many years ago. I think I’m in love … will definitely be looking for your books!

  8. Hey! 🙂 I don’t even know who you girls are but I somehow know I’ll enjoy being here 🙂

    Can’t wait to read and comment!

  9. I actually went to B&N on Saturday and found “Shiver” but they didn’t have any of Brenna’s books! D: I will look at my public library AND my school library *fingers crossed* and I have May 24th marked on my calendar! 🙂

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