Prompt Contest Winner!!!

Thank you so much! We had some great entries!!!!

The randomly selected winner of the three prizes is…..

Caroline Sibley! Her story “Feel” is here at her tumbler!

Congrats, Caroline! Email me at with your mailing address, and the three of us will send out your prizes!

Thanks again to all of our Watchers. You guys are the best. Don’t forget this week myself, Brenna, and Maggie will be posting OUR story responses to the same prompt from the contest. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! A 3-in-1 week!

4 thoughts on “Prompt Contest Winner!!!

  1. Congrats Caroline!
    And I also really enjoyed this contest. I think I got more out of it than the prize. (Although the prize would have been nice too…)
    I am now working on writing a whole book based on the short story I wrote on this prompt. Thank you for inspiring me!


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