This week is the kick-off for our last 2011 contest! And it’s a doozy!

All you have to do, dear readers, is pick your favorite Merry Fates short story of ours and tell us what YOU WOULD have titled it!

Titling is tough stuff – sometimes it takes almost as long to title as story as it does to write it! Sometimes we get desperate and settle. Sometimes the story BEGINS as a title! So do your best, and enter as many times as you want, with as many stories/titles.

We’ll pick our favorite title on Friday, and doll out the prize!

Prize is signed copies of our books:


52 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN CONTEST!!!

  1. My pick: Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton.
    What I would have called it : Trippy and Made of Awesome. (That title would sell, wouldn’t it?)

    • Hahaha, you totally get brownie points for that, BUT we’d love if you retitled our SHORT STORIES. My bad for not being more clear. I have fixed that now. I hope.

      (Trust me, Blood Magic has had like 7 different titles, and all of them sucked before my agent suggested Blood Magic. Heheh.)

  2. I know it’s an old one, but I stumbled upon “Date with a Dragon-Slayer” the other day, and I’ve been thinking of it since. First of all, the name is great, but if I were to rename it I would go with “Don’t Die, Sean Hardy”. 🙂

  3. Totally pick Tessa’s Death’s Red Bowler and re-title it Death and All His Hats.

    Thanks for a great 2011, guys! Can’t wait for more in 2012 (and a whole bundle of apocalypse fiction, I hope!)!! And merry (fates) Christmas!

  4. The red and gold god – instead of stronger by Tessa Gratton.
    When the rain came or the infinite dream instead of Long Sleep by Brenna Yovanoff.
    The painting wall instead of Hel by Maggie Stiefvater.

    Thankyou for the contest and all your short stories, they are something I look forward to every monday. =)
    By the way I still think the original titles are great!

  5. Midnight Crimes by Maggie Stiefvater; Living Nightmares
    Girl, Waiting, by Tessa Gratton; The Turret Stairs

    Does ‘Sell Out’ by Jackson Pearce count? I would name it ‘Waking Sleeping Beauty, and Why Kissing Dead People Is Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be’

  6. Oh, I just saw we can enter multiple times 🙂 A couple more of my favorites:
    “Girl, Waiting” by Tessa – I would call it “If I Must”
    “Midnight Crimes” by Maggie – maybe “No Small Dreams”
    Hmmm, now that my brain’s playing with these, I may come up with more!

  7. Answered by Small Voices by Maggie. I love it because of the whole concept and the character of Harry’s father.
    I would name it…
    Our Unanswered Demons.
    Yes, I think that would do.

  8. I really loved Walls! I think it was by Tessa Gratton. And it was really really cool.
    I might’ve named it ‘my mysterious neighbor’
    Or ‘the glass eyes’

  9. “The Thinker” by Maggie Stiefvater — How I Woke Up Married
    “Jack’s Field of Bargains” by Tessa Gratton — Treasures in a Field
    “The Nightmare Collector” by Brenna Yovanoff — The Girl Who Couldn’t Dream
    “The Beginner’s Guide to Leaving” by Brenna Yovanoff — Rules to Live By
    “Half-Way Home” by Brenna Yovanoff — The Boy in the Window

  10. “Half-Way Home” by Brenna – “He Called to Me”
    “The Thinker” by Maggie – “How Billy Wed Melli”
    “The Nightmare Collector” by Brenna – “My Den Full of Monsters”
    “Spot the Travesty” by Maggie – “Take My Hand”

    Ok, I think I’m done…probably

  11. “The Bridge” by Maggie (one that regularly pops back into my head now and then, though it’s been a while). The title is great as is, but if I had to pick something else I’d go with “Trouble’s Silhouette” (lol, not that great, but worth a shot!)

  12. I would re-title Maggie’s The Thinker to Rules of Compulsion.
    Brenna’s Half-Way Home – Too Different
    Tessa’s Ratsong would become The Piper’s Tune

    Oh, how I hate titling. It is absolutely terrifying, having to find a title for a story. Have any of you ever had a story were the plot bunny came to you after the title, or by hearing a word that would be one? Or is it just me?

  13. “Midnight Crimes” by Maggie Stiefvater — “Push” or “Evidence”
    “Spot the Travesty” by Maggie Stiefvater — “What I Call Memphis”
    “Holy Water” by Tessa Gratton — “The Stained Glass Window”
    “Found Objects” by Maggie Stiefavter — “When You Come Back Down”
    “Power of Intent” by Brenna Yovanoff — “Violet Dance” or “The Glance”

    Is that enough? 🙂

    I hate titling my stories, too…but I almost feel that it;s the most important thing to a story, if that makes sense, because the title is what draws people in, what makes them want to read it. If I see a book with a title I don’t like, I might take it off the shelve, but I wouldn’t do it as readily as with a book that had a title I like. But it’s a hard thing to do, getting the right title…but you know when it’s right. It just…clicks, and you’re there. I guess that happens with all writing, though. 🙂

  14. Jack’s field of Dreams- “Exactly what i was Looking for”
    The nightmare Collecter- “What happens when everyone’s sleeping”

  15. Aaah, I do so love Miss Stiefvater’s works~
    Midnight Crimes by Maggie Stiefvater: Dark Dreamscape
    The Thinker by Maggie Stiefvater: Compulsive Intuition

  16. The Bone Tender by Brenna Yovanoff – I think that title is perfect, but if I had to give it one I’d call it Touch of Power
    Half-Way Home by Brenna Yovanoff – Abnormal Psychology
    The Smiling Dead by Maggie Stiefvater – Gallery of Souls

  17. , I forgot to say this earlier, but I also wanted to say that, on merry fates, my favourite titled story would most definitely be Maggie’s “Non Quis, Sed Quid”. Okay.

  18. I think I might have titled Brenna’s “Visited on the Son” as “Verses in Forgiveness”. Although Visited on the Son is a wonderful title!

    • also, for “Jack’s Field of Bargains” – “the Rule of Trading” is a title I stumbled upon while commenting on the story, and Tessa pointed it out as a possible title.

  19. For “Spot the Travesty” by Maggie Stiefvater
    I would have titled it : “She brings us up a level”

  20. Heart shaped boxes by maggie – lockets of life

    And I hope its international because I’m in Canada 🙂

  21. All Fall Down by Brenna Yonvanoff – Push to Stop
    The Deadlier of the Species by Maggie Stiefvater – Untruth
    Exit Strategy by Maggie Stiefvater – 20/20 (as in hindsight is always 20/20 :P)

    Haha, can you tell I love zombie stories? lol

  22. Tessa: Death’s Red Bowler- Death isn’t the only Adventure.
    Brenna: Dead Ringer v. 1- You are not who I married.
    Maggie:The Deadlier of the species- Don’t go near the Water!
    I love a lot of the stories. I basically just chose three of my favorites, one from each. I hope my tittles aren’t too bad. And with the Death’s Red Bowler, I took one of my favorite lines of it, I hope that counts. Thank you all for writing your lovely stories.

  23. Can I submit something now and will it be okay if I change my mind before friday? Can I remove this entry or something? Because, what if I think of a better title when I’m in line at the cafeteria or like the bathroom?. hmmm. I should just shut up and submit something right? yeah,,,
    Spot the Travesty-> A Struggle Within
    Girl,Waiting->As I Died,Nothing More

  24. “Jack’s Field of Bargains” Tessa Gratton- “Tricks of the trade”

    “The Beginner’s Guide to Leaving” Brenna Yovanoff- “Lets be honset”

    “The Haunts We Choose” Maggie Steifvater- “i’ll wait”

  25. Hi Mrs. Tessa, Maggie and Brenna!

    I have just followed this blog a few nights ago, and I was so happy when I saw this contest. Since I was just new and haven’t read any stories yet, I tried my best to randomly read one story a night and make a new title for it. I’m really bad at titling, but I really wanted the prize, so I had to do it (and I’ll do it well). So far, here’s what I came up with:

    *Tessa Gratton’s: “Thomas and the Fairy Door” would be re-titled: “The Aberrant Aperture”
    *Maggie Stievfater’s: “The Thinker” would be re-titled: “Augury of Acceptance”
    *Brenna Yovanoff’s: “Power of Intent” would be re-titled: “Mistaken Magic”
    But out of the 3 (if you’re only looking for only 1 title) I think I would choose:
    *Maggie Stievfater’s: “The Thinker” re-titled: “Augury of Acceptance”

    All of you are really talented writers, and I’m really glad I found this site. You three are now my new heroes.

    Anyway, I hope you guys loved my titles :D.

    P.S. Sorry if you think this post is long :).

  26. First time commenting here on this website!
    This contest is difficult – you guys give really cool title to all your stories!
    i would have liked to rename “Sell Out” by Jackson Pearce and call it “Princess Charming” but this contest is for only the stories written by the three of you, right?
    so, if i had to pick, after thinking about it a LOT, i guess i’d rename Maggie’s “Deep Subject” and call it “To Kiss a Dragon”. 🙂

  27. Okkkk here I go:
    Walls (by tessa): patchwork neighbor
    Prenuptial(by Tessa): signed in blood
    Pain study(by Brenna): only the assistant
    Odd one out(Brenna): autumn’s run for popularity
    Hel(Maggie):  The just consequence
    The absence of light(Maggie):  once in a blew up moon*
    * hahahaha tell me you get it… Once in a blue moon… So once in a blew up moon 🙂 pun totally intended:)
    Oh and I hope it’s international because I also live in Canada… 

  28. Your stories are addictive. Many of them are written is such a manner as to be interpreted according to one’s own imagination. You are as inspiring as you are clever (and each of you are very, very clever). I’ll take a stab at being sagacious. Here it goes gang:

    Maggie’s “Midnight Crimes” – Barely Breathing
    Maggie’s “Hel” – All is Fair

    Since I have a framed print of “Meeting on the Turret Stairs” by Frederick Burton hanging on my wall, I feel compelled to address these stories as well.

    Maggie’s “Spot the Travesty” – A Minor Interlude
    Tessa’s “Girl, Waiting” – Echo of a Promise
    Brenna’s “The Beginner’s Guide to Leaving” – False Hope


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