2011 Wrap-up!

We made it through another year here at Merry Fates! We’ve all got one more book out (or in some overachiever’s case, two more)! We’ve done our very first official Merry Fates Live Event where all three of us get together in public just to talk about short stories!!! We’ve welcomed 11 awesome guest writers to write on the blog! There are 33 new stories from myself, Brenna, and Maggie!

In short, we win!

But it’s December, which means hiatus time. While you suffer through the holidays (I mean, of course, have a wonderful solstice), here are our top stories from 2011:


“Dead Ringer v. 1”
At first it was little things—how he always wore the watch I’d given him, even though it left a raw spot on his wrist and he’d never worn one before. More…

“Cuts Both Ways”
I hate Baz Crandall. More…


“Three True Things”
For my entire life, Mom and Dad insisted they did not believe in the Piercy family curse. More…

“Mask of Petals, Mask of Thorns”
Every night before we retire, he gently takes my hand, leans in, and stops a breath away from me. “Will you kiss me with your eyes open, Beauty?” he asks. More…


It’s hard not to feel bad for the prisoners, but I guess that’s because I don’t know what they did to get in here. More…

“Deep Subject”
On Tuesday, we discovered the dragon in the well. More…

And when we return in January… we’ll be starting the Epic Countdown To The End. That’s right, May 2012 will be 4 years exactly that Merry Fates has been around, and just before our Not-Anthology comes out with Carolrhoda Lab at the end of the summer, we’re gonna go out with a bang!

January, February, March, and April, we’re going to write our stories to a common prompt, and end each month with a contest. Then in May, we will have the grandmother of all epic contest giveaways as we ask you to help us celebrate all the fun and stress and awesome creating this website has brought us.

15 thoughts on “2011 Wrap-up!

  1. If I’d had the opportunity to pick my 2011 faves, I would have chosen two of out the three listed (Brenna’s “Dead RInger v.1” and Tessa’s “Mask of Petals, Mask of Thorns”). For Maggie, I’d throw in “Found Objects” or “Moving” as my fave.

    Best wishes for a wonderful 2012!

      • Whoa, I read the mention about the “countdown to the end” as referring to the countdown until the anthology is released, not the end of Merry Fates altogether. Excuse me while I go have a sad.

        (Though I’m guessing that the end of MF is a reflection of good things for the three of you — that you’re all so busy and so important now that you have to focus your energies elsewhere. With that in mind, I will try to buck up after my moment.)

  2. I’m sad to hear the end of merry fates is near 😦 but I hope it means great things for the three of you! I can’t wait to see stories you post in the coming months!

  3. Oh why does everything have to come to an end! You will still have this site accessible once you’re done, right?!

  4. Merry Sisters of Fate is ending!?!?!
    Oh, well I suppose since all of you are doing so well professionally it’s a natural progression.
    We will all miss your short stories, but now we can be sure of having novels available it mostly makes up for it.

  5. The first time I read this, I was dealing with too much loss and couldn’t add this to the pile. The second time I read this, I felt a kind of emptiness scratching at the door. The third time I read this, I accepted it. Grudgingly.

    I wish all of you continued success. Instead of getting a weekly fix of Fates, I suppose it will be a seasonal fix as the next book is released.

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